Aerial Imagery Services for Property Management

Receive actionable information from the sky for better, real-time decisions across residential, commercial, industrial, and other assets.

Drone Solutions for Property Management

DroneBase provides high-resolution aerial images, video, and maps across the country for properties and work sites of all types. Drone inspections equip property managers with the necessary insights they need to identify a potential issue and take preventive action to avoid a hefty repair bill. Our proprietary flight plans include thorough roof & equipment inspections, landscape review, parking lot & common area maintenance, investor & regulatory due diligence, natural disaster outcome, marketing & sales, and many more.


Parking Lot Inspections

Drones can obtain imagery on pavement conditions so you can find stress cracks and wear faster than ever.

Roof & Equipment Inspections

Safely inspect hard to access areas with standard or thermal imagery to evaluate roof conditions, water damage, and more.

Marketing & More

Illustrate proximity to nearby roads and other features with a bird’s-eye view and angles only a drone can capture.

Insights Property Reports

Actionable, near real-time data of your commercial properties. Be at the Cutting Edge of Technology and Manage All Your Properties with Drone Imagery and Data